Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Halloween will soon be upon us, which means many of us are already buying candy in preparation for trick or treaters. I would encourage everyone this year to avoid Nestle products and purchase Hershey's instead. Nestle has a history of being awful, most recently regarding water rights in California. The CEO of Nestle, Peter Brabeck, said he believes water is not a human right and should be privatized. 

Hershey, on the other hand, has been named one of the most ethical companies of 2015 because of their efforts in environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing. It is all pretty tasty, so why not use this opportunity to make the ethical choice? 

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Dog

What is it with dogs?

Dog: Excuse me, but would mind if I sit on your lap while I sleep?

Me: I really can't right now. I'm going to get up in like 3 minutes.

Dog: No no no - I promise it will be fine. I just need to cuddle for a minute.

Me: No, not right...

Dog: Thank you!!! *Jumps into lap*

Me: Sigh.

*3 minutes later*

Me: Okay, time to get up.

Dog: Are you sure? Do you see how comfy I am?

Me: Yes, get up.

Dog: *grumble grumble*

Me: I warned you before you got up here!

Dog: Ooh, a warm spot! I'm cool, you do what you have to do.