Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Working Towards My Goals

So, it is five days into the new year and I'm working on my goals. So far I've done the following:

Have an Adventure

My husband and I have started talking about what kind of adventure might work for us or what kind of things we might think of as adventurous. We haven't really gotten very far on this one, but we've started tossing some ideas around. Though I suppose advanced planning isn't quite what most people think about when they think of adventure!

Save $6,000
We have officially paid off the credit cards and have a debt balance of $0. Now comes the hard part of paying ourselves back the $6,000 into our savings accounts over the next year.

Run a 5K
I'll be honest on this one and say I am nowhere near in any kind of shape to even attempt a 5K yet. I'm thinking I may try a bastardized version of the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead reboot diet by Joe Cross. I'm not willing to drink only juice because I feel like I would constantly be starving and he got almost no protein in the 60 day juice cleanse, but a smoothie-based cleanse/reboot might work for me. I would get lots of fiber from all of the fruits and vegetables and I could add protein to the smoothies for a much more balanced caloric and nutrient intake. I also need to make a point of getting on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes every day if I want to do this too, but given that I hurt my ankle so badly in September I am hesitant to do this quite yet.

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