Thursday, March 31, 2016

TV Ban

For the month of April my family and I are giving up television. I'm working on a book, my husband is trying to find a hobby, and we'd like to spend more quality time with our daughter so we are turning off the television (except on Saturdays before 10 am) to see how much more we get accomplished without the shiny distraction of TV.

I'm starting to panic about this. I know that is ridiculous and realistically speaking we don't watch that much TV, but I can't wrap my mind around not having the ability to distract myself from other things at all. I know I will get so much more reading, writing, and cleaning done and in the end I think I'm really going to enjoy it but I can't help but get a tight feeling in my throat at the thought of going without it for a while. I think that is a sign of a problem. I guess we will see what happens! Who knows, I might even finish my book!

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