Friday, July 24, 2015


We are so broke.

Not getting-evicted-broke or empty-refrigerator-broke. Those types of broke are on the broke/poverty border and we aren't teetering precariously on that line, hoping and praying to fall safely away from cavernous hole that is poverty. We are middle-class-broke.

Having-a-yard-sale-to-pay-for-home-repairs broke.

Sitting-in-front-of-a-fan-with-an-icepack-instead-of-using-the-AC broke.

Taking-7,000-surveys-online-to-earn-$5 broke.

Not-replacing-the-broken-TV broke.

Hanging-laundry-to-dry-outside broke.

Searching-through-old-coat-pockets-for-gas-money broke.

Laying-awake-at-night-worrying-about-paying-all-our-bills broke.

Pretending-we're-on-Chopped-to-use-up-ingredients-in-the-kitchen broke.

Our basics - food, clothes, and shelter - are all taken care of, but that is about the best we can say. It is horrifying to see you bank balance get down to $46 making you pay your $70 internet bill late because you can't afford it. Last month was my 33rd birthday and today my husband turns 34. It hurts like hell to know that we are still in this situation. I always thought that by the time I was a proper grown up we'd be making enough money to enjoy life instead of just getting by.

But that is enough complaining for now. I'm off to complete another Swagbucks survey and eat lunch before I head back to work.

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